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At Today's Dentistry on Brisbane's Northside, all of our team follow and act upon the practice’s philosophy of being open, honest and plain speaking.
It is our belief that by giving you all the information and choices, you can decide what is best for you.
Visit or call us on (07) 3263 2677.

Today’s Dentistry Brisbane - What Patients Can Expect

We believe in being open, honest and plain speaking and giving you the best possible care we can. We consult with you on all your options so you can decide what treatment is best for you.

Hello and welcome to Today's Dentistry. Dr David Kerr and Dr Darryl Marsh and together we have been providing our patients with quality dental care for over 25 years. We have a contemporary approach to dentistry and our focus is to provide modern practices with modern dental care. We believe in being open, honest, and plain speaking and giving you the best possible care we can.

It is important to us that you feel empowered to make the most informed decisions about your dental health and that is why we consult with you on all your options.We understand that it can be quite unsettling when visiting a new dentist; not knowing the environment, the equipment going to be used or the people you will be seeing. We hope that after you watch this video, you will know that you will be safe hands, and your first visit will be relaxing and pain free.Both David and Darryl want you to feel comfortable and at home when coming to see us and we have designed our surgery for your complete comfort. From a coffee and biscotti when in our waiting room,to overhead televisions watching DVDs, when in the dental chair. We even have a dedicated children's room with all kinds of entertainment for the kids.

We recognise that our staff are our biggest asset. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable, and are up to date with the latest practices, but most importantly, all our staff are approachable and friendly.We are never too busy to talk to you about your situation, your options for dental procedures or anything else you may have questions about.

Normally when a new patient visits us, it is usually due to one of three reasons; they are either in pain, they have had a bad experience in the past or have moved to the area and are looking for a new dentist. In all cases, we go out of our way to find a solution to your problem and to make you feel safe and comfortable.

If a person presents to us in pain, our first priority is to relieve the pain. We use a number of modern pain relief options and often all you need afterwards is some paracetamol. Also, if you are anxious about pain, or the procedure, we have a number of options such as Nitrous Oxide or ‘Laughing Gas’ which may also help. By following recent recommendations from dental authorities, your first appointment can last up to 60 minutes. This gives us time to do a thorough examination. By using the latest state of the art equipment, we will conduct; an assessment of your medical history; the jaw joints and biting patterns; the bone and gum supporting the teeth; the decay in the teeth; deterioration of previous dental work; Checking the roots of the teeth to detect signs of abscess or cyst formation; an assessment of the saliva and bacteria in the mouth.

At Today's Dentistry we use the very latest technology and equipment including our sterile room, 3D x-­‐ray machine, the DiagnoCam, CEREC, and intraoral cameras. This technology allows us to accurately diagnose the problem and to show you exactly what is happening with your teeth and gums – without leaving your chair. After the examination and following our policy of being open, honest and plain speaking, we will discuss with you the options, your alternatives and the associated costs of the treatment recommended, allowing you to make the most informed choices about your dental care.We work together with you so that you can have the best dental care. Please call us to talk to either myself, David, or any of our friendly staff if you have a question about your situation, options or dental procedures or if you would like to make an appointment.