WaterFX Video's

Welcome to our WaterFX video gallery featuring a wide variety of our ever growing collection of unique water features created exclusively by Water Art Designs. Since our founding 25 years ago we've always striven to improve on every aspect of our designs. As a result of that commitment it's resulted in all our designs becoming the only truly no maintenance water feature in the world today! Now I'll let our WaterFX designs featured in this video speak for itself. We look forward to the opportunity to create something special to meet your requirements!

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  1. Water Art Designs Video Overview

    The following video presentation showcases an assortment of our WaterFX designs but yet doesn't even scratch the surface of the wide variety of designs we've created over the past 25 years. As you watch the video it will inspire the imagination regarding the endless possibilities for having a WaterFX design created exclusively by Water Art Designs.

    Also important to note is the fact that all of our designs come with a no maintenance guarantee providing all customers with years of uninterrupted use.
    Important to note is that what really separates our WaterFX for any and everything water is the fact that our patented 100% guaranteed no maintenance designs giving literally years of uninterrupted pleasure.

  2. CoaLogix Design

    This multifaceted WaterFX piece created incorporating actual coal in the design as coal is a core aspect of what they do. CoalLogix wanted something special that would both make a visually dynamic brand statement upon entering the building highlighting the core component of their business.

    Considering strong visual impact WaterFX's represent some of our customers will use them as dual purpose for the office and trade show and home show brand exposure to lure traffic. And because of our sealed no maintenance design portability is not an issue.

  3. Allure Nightlife Main Stage

    This is the main stage in Allure in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

  4. The Wave Bar-top

  5. Liquor Shelf Design's

  6. WaterFX Synthetic Tree