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Under The Golden Dome Vol 2 2011 to 2013

Vermont legislators and constitutional officers (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, etc.) talking about the events of the week during the Vermont Legislative session. Videotaped at the Vermont State House. Also each week, David Schütz, the Vermont State Curator, talks about one historical aspect of the Vermont State House. Volume 2 2011 to 2013 legislative sessions.

Under The Golden Dome 2013 Week 4

Fourth week of the 2013 Vermont Legislative Session. State House history and information – Hall of Speakers. Interviews with Vermont State Senators and State Representatives on Jan. 30, 2013 at the Vermont State House. Rep. Alison Clarkson, Rep. Carolyn Partridge, Sen. John Campbell, Vermont Game Developers Association member Jackie Weyrauch, Sen. Anthony Pollina, Sen. Dick McCormack, Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson, Rep. Phil Winters, Rep. Bill Lippert, Sen. Joe Benning.

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