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ACLU of Vermont

The ACLU of Vermont was founded in 1967. During its history, the ACLU has been involved in a wide range of issues, from free speech to race and sex discrimination to unlawful searches to education equity. Underlying the positions the ACLU has undertaken on all issues is adherence to the constitutional freedoms spelled out in the Bill of Rights.

ACLU Vermont 40th Anniversary Oct. 27, 2007

At the ACLU of Vermont’s annual meeting this year, the 40th anniversary was noted with a special panel discussion, "40 Years of Protecting Civil Liberties in Vermont." Panelists include: * Betty Clark (founder, plaintiff, longtime supporter) * Sandra Dooley (board president, National ACLU board representative) * Phil Hoff (state correspondent, founder, board member, former governor) * Pamela Kraynak (board member, executive director) * Peter Langrock (founder, board president, longtime cooperating attorney) * David Putter (longtime ACLU Legal Advisory Panel chair, cooperating attorney) Celebrate how a small group of citizens, united by a deep respect for the Constitution, can have a major impact on their state -- and in some cases, on the rest of the country.

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