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Animation by voodoodog

Nanny McPhee Returns, Title Sequence

"In little over 10 weeks, Paul Donnellon and his team of animators at VooDooDog had to deliver a fabulous happy-go-lucky end credit sequence for Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, . A story about the lasting appeal of stop-motion animation in the CG age, about having to make creative compromises, and about childhood inspirations."

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VooDooDog Credits

Title Director/designer: Paul Donnellon
Senior designer: Andrew White
Art director:Paul Donnellon
Producer: David Z Obadiah
Associate Producer: Alice Dunseath
Model makers: Amy Burnand Fiona Barty, Angela Kiely
3D Team: Ben Wheeler, Das Petrou
Animation: Harriet Gillian, Alice Dupre, Paul Donnellon, Maki Yoshikura, Roger Philips, Alice Dunseath, Michelle Salamon, Matt Partridge, Joyce Webb, Petra Stefankova, Roly Edwards
Compositing: Andrew White, Lucy Newman