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  1. Jeanine and Steve's Wedding

    Jeanine and Steve chose to get married in the middle of the week. I think because they liked the date 08.09.10.
    The weather was not perfect but the rain held off long enough for a photo shoot prior to the ceremony and the outdoor ceremony was moved inside.
    The reception was a low key affair with just a couple of speeches and the cutting of the cake. The SDE was a nice way to finish off the day.
    For the technical people this was mostly shot on Canon 7D with 50mm lens and then with a 5D2 at the ceremony and a 70-200mm lens. This was my first DSLR wedding and first DSLR SDE. After capture this was edited in about 75 minutes

  2. Tanya and Matt's wedding SDE 20/11/10

    I had the pleasure of travelling to Sydney to film Tanya and Matt's wedding recently. The day had some challenges and thankfully I had arranged a second camera operator to help in St Mary's Cathedral.
    After some cold weather during the week the day was perfect and everything went according to plan. Tanya's dress was absolutely stunning.
    This is an SDE that again was edited very fast due to it being a gift and no opportunity for an SDE editor. Thankfully I was being driven around so there is 20 minutes of capture from EX3 cards while en route to the reception at Lauriston House and about 30 minutes of editing in between table shots and photo booth shots.

    In the middle of the edit I realized I had not sorted out audio to the DJ. I saw they had an XLR input so just got a radio kit and plugged the transmitter into the headphone jack of the computer and the receiver via XLR into DJ. No chance to test it but I had tested the radio transmission. Perfect.

  3. Amanda & Peter's Wedding SDE 05/11/11

    This was a rather wet day for November but it did not dampen the spirits of these two who have waited five years for this day. The church was a lovely grand church, Wesley Uniting Church, which is 140 years old and was completely full with family and friends.
    The reception was held at the picturesque Mulberry on Swan Reception Centre.

    As is often the case this was a very rushed same day edit as I had to sort the venue sound out before before I could start to capture and edit. 20 minutes of capture and 35 minutes of edit with a grab from the speeches 15 minutes before it was played at the reception.

    For the technically minded this is a mixture of Sony EX3 and Canon 7D at 1080 25p and edited in FCP 6. Thank you to Adam Letch for his assistance on the day. It was a pleasure to work with Kirsty and Kelly from Aksent Photography also.

    The song is "Your love is a song" by Switchfoot and is available on itunes