The Observatory Visual Culture Hijacks Gallery Magazine. Take a look behind the scenes at the photoshoot, whisky testing and fun we had. Enjoy!

  1. Gallery Hijack

    Battles between good and evil are nothing new. Since the beginning of time, every society’s mythology has included some sort of struggle that determines the future of mankind.

    The world of design is no different, with typefaces, shapes, form and colours the new sacred spaces to be fought over. This month Gallery has been eagerly hijacked by the crew operating from the Ministry of Design, otherwise known as The Observatory, resulting in our ‘La Arena Coliseo El Gallerio Magazinios’ formerly known as Gallery Magazine. Every hijacker needs a masquerade, some choose balaclavas, some choose dirka dirka scarves, others choose American Presidents. We choose Mexican Luchadors, Lucha Libre Mexican wrestlers. Lucha Libre never strays from the familiar pairing of technico (or cientifico) against rudo. The struggle between good and evil appears in some form in every match.

    So welcome to Gallery Lucha Libre style. Agreed, we could have been in balaclavas but we wanted to hijack ‘La Arena Coliseo El Gallerio Magazinios’ in style using the inherent colours and styles from the Lucha Libre theme as a concept.

    Pick up a copy of Gallery on April 2 ‘La Arena Coliseo El Gallerio Magazinios’ Enjoy!