Growing Native is a seven-episode television series that takes viewers on adventures throughout Indian Country to learn how tribes have evolved within ecosystems that shaped their cultures and identity. We will see modern and traditional reservation life today, and learn about the intricate web of relationships with the natural world that define tribal lifeways and customs, and play a large part in their health and welfare. We will also see how modern Native communities are working toward sustainable food sovereignty and renewable energy sources, and how they are dealing with impacts from climate change. We will see the beauty of the land, meet the Native people who live there, and learn about the environmental, social and economic issues they face. Through conversations between our host and local guides, we’ll learn about the balance of diverse ecosystems and how Natives peoples respectfully live within that system.

Following ancient trade routes across the country will give the series direction as we move from the frozen Alaska tundra to the Pacific Northwest to the Great Plains and onward into the North and Southeast. It’s a fascinating look at how Native Americans have maintained their cultures while borrowing elements of modern society. Today, Indian nations represent diverse, complex and resilient sovereign governments that have built businesses, hospitals, tribal colleges, utility companies and agricultural enterprises. Join the Growing Native adventures as we visit seven distinct Native communities, meet their people and embrace the knowledge of what they have been thought over thousands of years.

Growing Native Northwest: Coast Salish

Growing Native ventures to the Pacific Northwest to capture the stories of ongoing traditions and perseverance of its original inhabitants. For the tribes of this region, water is life; the rivers that crisscross this land were the highways for trade and fresh water grocery stores for thousands of years. Today, tribes celebrate their cultures by participating in a yearly canoe journey, an opportunity for people to gather and travel to all the places their ancestors once inhabited; from totem poles, to language preservation to traditional crafts, Chris Eyre discovers the wilds of the North.