Yang Zhou - Bridge Back Home. Viewbook Photostory 2012 - Small Stories.

My name is Yang and I was born in Shanghai, China. The series "Bridge Back Home" is taken here within my family. It was at first intended to be a document of my grandparents’ daily life, but as the project grows, I find it is really a way to connect me and my family. In our culture obedience is more important than communication and affection within the family, so I always feel not understood. Now my grandma got dementia, was in hospital for a while and then sent to a nursery house. I take photos in every stage and every time we visit her and teaches my mum to do so. In this process my mum begin to understand what I try to do and what I feel.

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Photography and voice: Yang Zhou

Viewbook Photostory is an international competition that focuses on the narrative aspects of the photographic art form. In 2009 and 2010, Photostory focused on the big picture. This year’s edition will concentrate on the theme “Small Stories.” That doesn't mean we're looking for thin, simplistic, or insignificant stories. The focus will be on photographic series with a personal view, or stories from a "small" or intimate perspective.
The winner will receive a personalized award in the form of a book publication, a travelling exhibition kit, and exposure on a variety of channels. To learn more and submit your series, visit viewbookphotostory.com.

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