---- Awarded (Laurier de bronze) at the FIMAC 2010 which is the largest corporate movie festival in France ----

It's a movie introducing a new freight line in Rungis which is the largest wholesaler food market in France, feeding 12 millions people in Paris, France area.
For this movie I was cameraman, editor and colorgrader, I think that making these 3 jobs give more consistency to the picture and the look/feeling asked by the Director.

The movie was shoot with a Canon 5D MKII in natural light at 400/1600 ISO for the night shooting inside the market, with 24/70 and 70/200 lens.
The Canon 5D MkII delivered very nice picture without any noise.... :-))
The technical colorgrading was very simple to do because the dynamic of the Canon 5D MKII being very good, and the job mainly consisted in WB adjustments. The esthical colorgrading had two targets : 1) For the shoot outside Rungis market : give a warm atmosphere 2) For shoots inside Rungis market : subtly enhance the color. Color was used for colorgrading.

Director : Michel Kharoubi
CAmeraman / Editor / Colorgrader : Didier Feldmann
Music : Guillaume Poyet