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Dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers for the lips
Today we'll be talking about doing dermal fillers for the lips and will be giving you a live demonstration. The dermal fillers that we use for the lips are hyaluronic acid based which is a naturally occurring substance found in all living creatures, including plants, and we also have it in our skin. So hyaluronic acid is a sugar based substance that helps to absorb water and it helps to replace volume where we've lost volume or were deficient in volume in the first place.

The filler that we will be using today will be temporary filler; we don't use permanent fillers at our clinic due to the higher complication rates. We will also be using the anteios injecting system to help administer the filler. Our Temporary fillers will last anywhere from 6 -- 12 months.

So we're here with our beautiful patient Kiri, now she's here for lip enhancement today. Now looking at Kiri's lips, she's got beautiful lips; she just needs a bit of enhancement. So looking from the side view of Kiri's lips we can see that her top lip slightly protrudes over her lower lip which is perfect, that's what we want. Now looking at her lower lip, her lower lip needs to be enhanced to help balance the proportions of her lip out. Looking at the corners of her lips, she doesn't need the corners turned up, sometimes in some patients they do need the corners turned up. And looking at Kiri we look at her philtral columns of her and again in some patients they need the philtral columns enhanced, but looking at Kiri she's got great philtrol columns so we won't be touching those today.

Alright, so we've already numbed Kiri's lips with some dental block, now I'm just going to clean the corners of her lips where we'll be going in. Now traditionally the techniques we used in the past was using a short needle with multiple injection points in the lip and that would cause a lot of trauma, a lot of bleeding and bruising, so in order to avoid that our new technique is using a cannula. So we make one little entry point in the corner of the lips and then we go in with the cannula and the cannula has a blunt end so it helps to push away the blood vessels and it reduces any trauma and it reduces the risk of bleeding and bruising.

So now we're making the entry point, beautiful. Today we'll be using the Anteis injecting system which is a robotic injecting system and it helps to ensure we have a smooth and even flow of product with a smooth and even result.

So now we're going to have a look at the before and after photos. As you can see Kiri has a very natural result, her lips aren't over the top and they're in keeping with the rest of her face; and that's what we aim for, is a very natural looking result.

If you have an area of concern we invite you to come and see one of our Cosmetic Consultants for a complimentary cosmetic or phi golden ratio consultation. During the consultation they will use Callipers to measure your face. From this they will individually design a treatment plan to help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. To learn more about phi see these videos: and

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