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Other VIA videos of interest to VIA collected here from related industry videos to charity and environmental organizations.

  1. Susan Sarandon

    Susan Sarandon says why she wanted to help Pushpa and produce the documentary.

  2. Waiting for Mamu - Teaser

    Short Teaser: Introduces Pushpa and her "Butterfly" boarding school for the children incarcerated with their parents because in Nepal the society offers no other option. Pushpa began taking in children to her own home one by one and now cares for and educates over 50 children. She was awarded CNN's Global Hero award and $300,000 that she used to purchase land for a permanent school large enough to care for the 81 children still in prison with their parents. With just a little help she can build the school and employ graduating students with social working training to care for the others in a wonderful cascading wave of redemption. Susan Sarandon produced the film and continues to shine light on the project to help raise money for the school.

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