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  1. Morning Keynote

    Kelly Cronin
    Director of the Office of Care Transformation

  2. Panel 1: Technology-enabled Ubiquitous Care

    Anand K.Iyer, PhD, MD, Chief Data Science Officer, WellDoc.

    Gary Capistrant, Senior Director of Public Policy at American Telemed Association (ATA)

    Kevin Patrick, MD, MS, Director, Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, Calit2

  3. Panel II - Research Priorities in Health IT and Funding Opportunities

    Session Chair: Wendy J. Nilsen, PhD, Health Scientist Administrator, NIH

    Sylvia Spengler, PhD, NSF
    Jon I. White, MD, Director Health Information Technology, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  4. Session 1- Meaningful Use of Health IT

    Optimizing Electronic Health Records for Improved Care Outcomes
    Eric Ford, Lorren Pettit, William R. Wyatt
    Johns Hopkins University, HIMSS Analytics, Healthgrades: How America Finds a Doctor ™

    Saving Patient Ryan - Can Advanced Electronic Medical Records Make Patient Care Safer?
    Muhammad Zia Hydari, Rahul Telang, William M. Marella
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Beyond Adoption: Does Meaningful Use of EHR Improve Quality of Care?
    Yu-Kai Lin, Mingfeng Lin, Hsinchun Chen
    University of Arizona

  5. Lunch, Patient Perspective & Keynote Speaker

    Keynote Speaker:
    Taha A. Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Chief Health Informatics Officer, FDA

    Patient Perspective:
    Tiffany M. Peterson, Tiffany and Lupus Blog

  6. Session 2- Health IT and Costs of Care

    Session Chair: Kui Du (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

    Health Information Exchange and Reduced Healthcare Spending
    Idris Adjerid, Julia Adler-Milstein, Corey M. Angst
    University of Notre Dame

    Does Health Information Exchange Move Patients Through Emergency Departments Faster?
    Turgay Ayer, Mehmet Ayvaci, Zeynal Karaca, Jan Vlachy, Herbert S. Wong,
    University of Texas

    Health Information Exchange and Health Care Transitions: Impact of an integrated Inpatient-Outpatient Electronic Health Record on Follow-up care after Hospital Discharge
    Mary Reed, Jie Huang, Richard Brand, Ilana Graetz, Marc Jaffe, Dustin Ballard, Romain Neugebauer, Bruce Fireman, John Hsu
    Kaiser Permanente

    The Spillover Effects of Health IT Investments on Regional Health Care Costs
    Hilal Atasoy , Pei-yu Chen , Kartik Ganju
    Temple University