1. TLC Sports Summit Marketing Reel

  2. Welcome To The TLC Sport Summit 2017

    TeamSnap CEO Dave DuPont
    "Winning Strategies for Tournaments, Leagues & Clubs."

  3. Tournament, League & Club Pioneer Opening Keynote & Question and Answer Session

    MLB Hall of Famer, World Series Champion, All-Star, Home Run Derby Champion, and All-Time Consecutive Games Record Holder, Cal Ripken Jr.

  4. Big Sport Expert Panel

    Former VP ESPN & CBS and now Global Head of Strategy @Oath (AOL, Yahoo!, Tumblr, HuffPost, TechCrunch) Jen Vescio panel moderator: 10 TLC Success Secrets from 4 Team Sport Pioneers: Capitol Hill Volleyball Bonnie Goldberg, Hoop Group CEO Rob Kennedy, Next Level Sports CEO Lance Smith, USA Hockey & Philadelphia Flyers' John Riley

  5. Facilities & Travel Expert Panel

    Sports Facility Advisory/SFM CEO Dev Pathik, panel moderator, 7 Winning Strategies in Sports Facilities & Sports Tourism/Travel: Steel Sports CEO David Shapiro, Hotels4Teams/THS Tom Berkman, Ripken Baseball Glenn Valis, Bo Jackson's Elite Sports COO Jim Thompson, Wintergreen Research CEO Susan Eustis

  6. Fast-Growing Sport Expert Panel

    Pop Warner General Counsel & Wilson Elser Partner Anthony Corleto panel moderator, 10 TLC Best Practices from 4 Fast-Growth Sports: All Star 7-on-7 Football LaVar Arrington, Air Force Academy Women's Rugby Coach Amy Rusert, JAMZ Cheer & Dance General Counsel David Nathan-Allen Sims, USA Hockey & Philadelphia Flyers John Riley