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  1. Plenary Speaker: Taylor Branch, University of Baltimore

    Civil Rights History: Lessons in Citizenship
    Taylor Branch is an American author and historian best known for his award-winning trilogy of books chronicling the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and some of the history of the American civil rights movement.

  2. Caryl McDevitt , Southern New Hampshire University

    Student Poster Session 2013 Award Winner for Social and Behavioral Sciences

    166-43 Mapping NH Exurban Communities for Feasibility of Refugee Resettlement
    These community profiles of ten New Hampshire towns were created in order to further understand and adapt the current process for resettlement of refugees in New Hampshire. The International Institute should be able to utilize the findings to pin point areas where resettlement is not only feasible but also productive for the community as a whole. The profiles are extensive in their material which was gathered through government data, personal interviews, focus groups, and location observations.

  3. Danielle Weisz , Northern State University

    Student Poster Session 2013 Award Winner for Education and Pedagogy

    75-57 Longitudinal Study of Empathy in Pre-Service Teachers
    Empathetic teachers connect more with students and effectively promote learning. This study provides longitudinal data on empathy levels and examines whether change in empathy occurs along steps in the teacher education program, in particular the diversity seminar and student teaching, at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

  4. Hunter Scarborough , Texas Christian University

    Student Poster Session 2013 Award winner for Health Sciences

    123-16 Solid phase synthesis of ferrocene-biotin bioconjugates for the development of electrochemical biosensors
    As a means of developing ferrocene based biosensors, we have produced a library of ferrocene-biotin bio-conjugates which we have systematically evaluated electrochemically for their change in redox activity in the absence and presence of avidin. These proposed biosensors are to be employed as a compliment to common imaging modalities in the detection of cancer.

  5. Isabelle Hsu , Chapman University & Andrew Vo , Chapman University

    Arts & Humanities Student Poster Session 2013 Award Winners

    75-9 Comic Books and the Presentation of the Other
    Friday, November 8, 2013: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Napoleon B3-C3 (Sheraton New Orleans Hotel)
    Comic books and graphic literature produced in the United States during World War II actively dehumanized the Axis Powers in conscious propagandist efforts. Through a Foucaltian, postmodern lens, this poster will utilize examples to show and analyze how the Other is presented in WWII-era graphic literature.

  6. Jamie King , Eastern Kentucky University & Jessica Miller , Eastern Kentucky University

    Student Poster Session 2013 Award Winners for Diversity

    75-40 "Creolization" on the Small Screen: Television, Society, and Interracial Relationships 1948-1980
    How did U.S. television in its earliest decades portray "interracial" relationships? Did these portrayals correspond to social reality? Our poster demonstrates that the paucity of interracial relationships on TV reflected contemporary American prejudices. Yet the few incidents of such relationships constituted highly publicized and consequential challenges to racial prejudice.