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2013 International Medical Interpreters Conference

Specialized Interpreting
Getting Beyond the Basics: Exploring Quality Interpreting for Multiple Specialties

January 18 - 20, 2013

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

  1. Keynote Speaker: Guadalupe Pacheco

    Senior Health Advisor to the Director Office of Minority Health
    Office of the Secretary
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  2. Panel: ISP Quality and Certification in delivering interpreting services

    Panel Members:
    Connie Camelo, Umass Memorial Medical Center
    Dan Gatti, Stratus Video
    William Glasser, Language World Services
    Bruce Merley, Pacific Interpreters, Inc.
    Lena Toolsie, Ad Astra, Inc.
    MODERAT OR: Lola Bendana, President Multi-Languages Corporation

  3. IMIA Annual Reports & Awards

    State of the IMIA Organization

  4. Panel: Building Unity National Interpreter Associations Coalition

    Panel Members:
    Lola Bendana, IMIA Representative
    Rob Cruz, NA JIT Representative
    Lisa Morris, NC IHC Representative
    Yuliya Tsaplina, AIIC Representative
    MODERAT OR: Izabel S. Arocha, IMIA Executive Director

  5. Exploring the identity of medical interpreters

    Living in the gray zone between medicine and language or generalist and specialist
    Panel Members:
    Heather Barclay, Vice President and COO, Ad Astra, Inc.
    Jessica Goldhirsch, MA
    Linda Joyce, MS, CMI-Spanish, Executive Director of NBCMI
    Ira SenGupta, Executive Director, Cross Cultural Health Care Program
    MODERAT OR: David Cardona, MD, MPH, Office of Minority Health, Oregon

  6. Closing Speaker: Bruce L. Adelson, Esq

    Federal Compliance Consulting LLC