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North Water Polynya Conference

Aarhus University and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is proud to host the International Conference of the North Water Polynya 2017. The theme for the conference is "Natural science on the North Water Polynya". The main sponsor of the NOWPolynya Conference is Oceans North Canada, and Ministry of Environment and Food, Denmark.

  1. Official Opening of the NOW Conference

    Anders Mosbech

  2. Climate change, carbon cycling and air-sea exchange

    Soren Rysgaard

  3. Sea ice dynamics including the ice bridge formation

    C.J. Mundy

  4. The North Water Ice Bridge shape and life cycle variability

    Dany Dumont

  5. The representation of the North Water in coupled ocean and sea ice models

    Till Soya Rasmussen

  6. Winter stratification of the High Arctic Inglefield Fjord 2011-2017

    Steffen Olsen