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Mobility 21 Summit 2012

11th Annual Southern California Transportation Summit
We’re All in This Together
September 28, 2012 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California

Content from the largest one-day transportation conference in the state. It’s the only place where you can mix and mingle with every transportation CEO in Southern California, policy makers and nationally-known transportation experts. The summit was an action-packed day of breakouts, provocative presentations and an exciting expo hall. Please review any of the presentations you would like to see below. You can also search using the search box at the top right of the screen.

  1. Transportation and the Ballot Box: What’s at Stake in November

    Sponsored by ARCADIS
    This panel will present an analysis of California ballot initiatives
    as well as key state legislative races. Participants will be treated
    to an insider’s view of Washington, D.C. politics, races to watch
    nationally and what the “lame duck” Congress may do before the
    new presidential term begins. How will all this political wrangling
    impact transportation? Come find out from those in the know.
    Kenyon Gleason
    Vice President of Development and Field Operations, American
    Road and Transportation Builders Association
    Larry Ehl
    Publisher, Transportation Issues Daily
    Janet Kavinoky
    Executive Director, Transportation & Infrastructure, US Chamber
    of Commerce
    Paul Mitchell
    Vice President, Political Data, Inc. and Owner,
    Redistricting Partners

  2. Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Myth Versus Reality

    Sponsored by Southern California Edison
    By the end of 2014, almost every automobile manufacturer will
    have at least one alternative fuel car in production. Alternative
    fuel infrastructure providers are moving forward aggressively, but
    is it fast enough? Learn from experts about how electric, natural
    gas and hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure is being planned, and
    how alternative fuel vehicles will impact our driving and future
    development patterns.
    Sarah Catz
    Director, Center for Urban Infrastructure
    Ayala Ben-Yehuda
    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Project Manager,
    UCLA Luskin Center
    Steve Ellis
    Manager of Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing, American Honda
    Motor Co.
    Shane Stephens-Romero, Ph.D.
    Manager of Research Development and External Relations,
    UCI National Fuel Cell Research Center

  3. Let’s Roll: How Engaging the Business Community Can Build Support for Projects That Improve Mobility

    Sponsored by Majestic Realty Co.

    LA Metro’s new ExpressLanes program’s Business Roundtable
    is a case study in how engaging with the business community
    created a powerful voice for an important project that will improve
    mobility across Los Angeles County. Come hear how they did it,
    and how the LA Streetcar and Orange County 91 Express Lanes
    have engaged the business community as an early partner in order
    to achieve success.

    Stephanie Wiggins

    Executive Officer, Metro Congestion Reduction Demonstration
    Program (Metro ExpressLanes), Los Angeles County Metropolitan
    Transportation Authority

    Devon Deming

    Rideshare Program Manager, Los Angeles World Airports
    Darrell Johnson

    Deputy CEO, Orange County Transportation Authority
    Noel Massie

    President, UPS Central California; Member, Metro ExpressLanes
    Business Roundtable and Advisory Board Member, Mobility 21
    Jessica Wethington McLean

    Executive Director, Bringing Back Broadway and Director,
    Downtown Economic Development

  4. Good for Business: How Bicycle and Pedestrian-Friendly Districts are Helping Cities and Businesses Thrive

    Sponsored by Mobility 21

    As cities look for ways to meet both the letter and spirit of Senate
    Bill 375, business districts that cater to shoppers using active
    transportation are on the rise. This panel will explore the economic
    benefits of bicycle districts and show how cities can enhance
    livability for their residents while simultaneously energizing their
    business community.

    Pauline Chow

    Southern California Regional Policy Manager, Safe Routes to
    School National Partnership

    Mariela Alfonzo, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO, State of Place and President, Urban Imprint
    April Economides

    Principal, Green Octopus Consulting and General Manager, Bike
    Nation Long Beach
    Tom Kirk

    Executive Director, Coachella Valley Association of Governments
    Chris Kluth

    Senior Active Transportation Planner, San Diego Association
    of Governments
    Hon. Pam O’Connor

    Councilmember, City of Santa Monica; Immediate Past President,
    Southern California Association of Governments and
    Board Director, Los Angeles County Metropolitan
    Transportation Authority

  5. iMobility 2.0: How New Technology is Revolutionizing the Way We Get Around

    Sponsored by Yellow Cab & Western Transit -
    Keolis Transit America Companies

    Mobile technology is changing the way people interact with our
    transportation network. Come hear from entrepreneurs and
    agencies who are launching apps that will change the way we park,
    share the ride, use transit or get traffic information.

    Patrick Hong
    Founder and CEO, Prenostik, LLC

    William Barnes
    LA General Manager, Uber Technologies Inc.
    Greg Curtin, Ph.D.
    Founder and Principal, Civic Resource Group
    Derek Fretheim
    Chief Operating Officer, Bike Nation
    Dan Mitchell
    LA Express Park Manager, City of Los Angeles Department
    of Transportation
    Jim Morris
    President, FNX Studios and Creator of “Toll Troll”

  6. The Holy Grail: Moving Goods Using Low and Zero Emissions Technologies

    Sponsored by Port of Los Angeles
    Regulatory and planning agencies are encouraging the use of low
    and zero emissions technologies to move goods in and around
    Southern California as one part of our strategy to help improve
    air quality. Is this technology ready for market? What is being
    done to assist the goods movement industry to achieve the lofty
    goals set by the government? What hurdles stand in the way of
    implementing green technology to move goods? Come find out in
    this panel comprised of innovators and planners.
    Les Card
    CEO, LSA Associates, Inc.
    Jan Hellaker
    Vice President of Business Development & Government Relations,
    Volvo Technology North America
    Hasan Ikhrata
    Executive Director, Southern California Association of
    Governments and Board Member, Mobility 21
    Becky Johnson
    Director of Public Affairs, Siemens Industry, Inc.
    Nick Sramek
    Secretary, Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners