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FFI Brussels 2012

Family Enterprise: The Field, The Families, The Future

Below is recorded content from selected sessions of the presentations from the FFI conference in Brussels, Belgium. Please use the contact button at top right of screen (mail button) if you would like a copy or use of any of the videos from FFI.
October 17-20, 2012

  1. Opening Remarks

    Introduction to Rene Boender

  2. Opening Keynote - The Chance to Change is Now

    6 Minute clip of Opening Plenary.

    Rene Boender is the author of bestsellers Great to Cool and Generation Z. Having worked with internationally known companies like Sara-Lee, Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola and Phillips, Boender is known as an "innovative futurist.” With great storytelling capabilities and energy, he will open the conference with ideas on trending, communication, and what’s coming with Generation Z.

  3. Innovation Across the Ages

    What, precisely, are the traits of innovative family enterprises?
    In this session, family members from Royal Dutch Distillers, Welch
    Allyn, the Root Glass Co. and Babcock Lumber Co., discuss
    innovation through the generations of their respective family
    enterprises. A variety of anecdotal experiences of innovation,
    and their implications for sustainability, are also addressed.
    Kirby Rosplock, Babcock Lumber Co.
    Preston Root, Root Glass Company
    Eric Allyn, Welch Allyn Inc.
    Marc de Kuyper, Royal Dutch Distillers, Inc.

  4. Fight, Flight or Future — what does online education mean

    Are you fighting it? Are you soaring with it? Are you part of
    the future? Where are your clients in navigating the world of
    online education? And…exactly what does “online” mean
    today in the era of apps, social media and global education?
    This session will give you data on who’s offering, who’s taking
    and who’s teaching courses/programs in the online world of
    family enterprise education. A global phenomenon that can’t
    be ignored.
    Jane Hilburt-Davis, FFI GEN
    Pascale Michaud, Business Families Foundation
    Adam Owenz, Florida International University
    Judy Green, FFI, moderator

  5. Thursday Keynote: Julie Macintosh, award winning journalist, author

    Julie Macintosh led the Financial Times’s coverage of the takeover of Anheuser-Busch as its U.S. Mergers and Acquisitions Correspondent. She also covered the near-collapse of the global banking system while on the mergers beat and, before that, wrote for the newspaper’s influential "Lex” column.

    In 2003, Julie was named one of NewsBios’s "Top 30 Business Journalists Under 30.” She regularly appears on CNBC and MSNBC. Her most recent book Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser Busch chronicles the financial excess, tortured relationships, and old-fashioned back room politics that led to the collapse of a legendary American company.

    She is joined by Belgian journalist Wolfgang Riepl.

  6. Fostering Entrepreneurism through the Generations

    Members of this panel draw on their personal experiences
    as owner-operators to share examples of how their
    entrepreneurial spirit was inspired and nurtured by the
    generations that preceded them. Presenters also reflect on
    ways that they have sought to foster entrepreneurism among
    the individuals of the subsequent generations.
    Dirk Jungé, Pitcairn
    Ann Dugan, University of Pittsburgh
    François de Visscher, de Visscher & Co.