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  1. Opening Session with Keynote Speaker Dr. Sapolsky

    Keynote by Robert Sapolsky, author of the award-winning A Primate's Memoir, recipient of a MacArthur "Genius” Fellowship, professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University, and a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya, draws on his many years as a field biologist to explore the fascinating points of intersection between primate behavior, stress and the dynamics of family enterprise.

  2. Family Business Review Special Issue Panel

    This panel discusses key concepts from the September 2013 FBR Special Issue on Advising Family Enterprise. Authors, practitioners, and the editors review recent scholarly research on the practice of family enterprise advising and consulting.

    W. Gibb Dyer, Brigham Young University, Jane Hilburt-Davis, Key Resources, Kelin Gersick, Lansberg, Gersick and Associates, LLC, Trish Reay, University of Alberta, Pramodita Sharma, Family
    Business Review

  3. Integrating Non-Family Executives into the Family Business

    The session details a case study of the Clemens Family Corporation’s decision to restructure from "family business” to "business family.” Two non-family executives provide practical guidelines to increase the successful integration of non-family executives into a family business.

    David Budnick, James Wood, The Clemens Family Corporation

  4. From Family Office Formation to Regulation: What are the keys to family office success?

    A panel discussion that demystifies the establishment and operation of a family office, including ownership structures, setup and operational costs, risk management, the implications of an evolving legal, regulatory and compliance landscape and the single family office exemption.

    Joe Field, Withers, David Guin, Justin Zamparelli, Withers Bergman, Kirby Rosplock, GenSpring Family Offices

  5. Family Secrets and Ghosts: Becoming a beacon of hope in the fog

    Even the most astute and thoughtful among us can lose sight of issues which, if unaddressed, threaten to destroy the stability of the family enterprise. This interactive, case-focused presentation addresses "the ghosts in the room” and secrets in the family which undermine legal, financial, family harmony, ownership and business considerations.

    Gerard Donnellan, Brandeis University, Patricia Annino, Prince Lobel Tye, LLP

  6. Five Principles for Sustainable Financial Management of Family-Owned Enterprises

    This presentation seeks to distill and elaborate five essential principles for successful financial management of the sustainable family-owned enterprise. Practical frameworks for effective decision-making are also discussed.

    Ari Axelrod, Marion McCollom Hampton, Banyan Family
    Business Advisors