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Euroson International Paediatric CEUS Course 2017

The course is recognised as a EUROSON School, with full endorsement of the European Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) and is endorsed by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), with continuing medical education credits provided by the Royal College of Radiologists, United Kingdom.

The following are recordings of the sessions.

  1. Welcome

    Prof Paul Sidhu, Professor of Imaging Sciences, King’s College Hospital , London

  2. EFSUMB Liver/Non Liver Guidelines

    Dr. Maija Radzina

  3. Introduction to CEUS

    Prof Martin Krix, Bracco Imaging, Konstanz, Germany

  4. Legal aspects: Using CEUS Off Licence

    Prof Paul Sidhu, Professor of Imaging Sciences, King’s College , London, UK

    This lecture will demonstrate the standing in legal terms for the use of medicines ‘off-label’ in the
    adult population, with extrapolation to the child. Evidence based findings, regulatory view, and the
    legal aspect will be discussed.

  5. Safety of CEUS in Adults and Children

    Ian Rivens & Gail ter Haar

    Ultrasound contrast agents are driven to vibrate by a diagnostic ultrasound beam. In this talk, the
    possible biological consequences of this motion are discussed and put into context of the safety of

  6. How to Perform a Liver CEUS Examination

    Dr Christian Greis, Bracco Imaging, Konstanz, Germany