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Citizens Climate Lobby 2013

The following are selected sessions from the Citizens Climate Lobby’s 4th annual conference in Washington, DC, that occurred on June 23-25, 2013.

  1. Citizen Climate Lobby: Plenary -"The Case for a Carbon Tax" -Dr. Shi-Ling Hsu:

    Why a gradually-raising carbon tax is the least costly and most effective policy for curbing the pollution driving global warming, and how enacting such a tax can usher in a new era of clean energy and efficiency.

  2. Citizens Climate Lobby: "Building the Green Economy" - Joe Robertson

    There's a myth that we have to choose between ecology and economy, that taking steps to protect the environment and stop climate change will exact an ecumenic toll. Robertson explores that myth and explains how policies to address climate change will produce jobs and grow our economy.

  3. Citizens Climate Lobby Keynote: "Itinerant Farming to White House Arrests: A Scientist's View of the Climate Crisis" -Dr. Hansen

    Former NASA head climate scientist tells the story of his personal journey from a scientist who was content to do the research and eschew the spotlight to a concerned citizen who felt compelled to speak up about policy to address the threat of catastrophic climate change.

  4. Citizens Climate Lobby: "What the Heck is Pigouvian Taxation?" -Jerry Hinkle & Sieren Ernst

    Want to bring conservatives around on a carbon tax? You need to talk about Pigouvian taxation, the concept of correcting distortions in the marketplace by taxing things that are unaccountable for their true cost to society. Become persuasive by mastering this talking point.

  5. Citizens Climate Lobby: The Health Related Impacts of Burning Fossil Fuels - Joel Charles

    Presenting climate change from a human health angle is one of the most effective messages to spur people to action. Participants will become literate in the threat climate change poses to human health, the current health impacts of fossil fuel use, and the significant, immediate health opportunity available if we act now on climate change.