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Camtasia Editing Basics

The following are lessons on using Camtasia for editing recordings.

  1. Basic Lesson Camtasia Editing

    This is an introduction to the basics of Camtasia editing. This covers what you will need to know to perform edits on well recorded content (nothing needs to be fixed).

  2. Basic Lesson 2 Fixing a slide

    This provides one simple, fast method (there are several methods) of fixing a slide (where you might have accidentally moved ahead or became lost in slide deck during the recording).

  3. Lesson - add movie to recording BASIC method

    This provides the Basic method of adding a video the presenter showed during their presentation to the Camtasia file. If the presenter spoke during the movie playback (and there was audio from the movie), this is not the method to use. This is just for a simple movie splice in.

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