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CalConExpo 2013

The California Construction Expo 2013 is the Golden State’s premiere gathering for contractors, designers, construction professionals, suppliers and construction workers to learn directly from government agencies about the increasing opportunities associated with $150 billion in public work programs currently proposed or underway. The government sector is in tremendous need of qualified contractors, professional service consultants, and skilled labor to support their construction programs.
The following are recordings of the workshops that occurred and August 22nd, 2013 at CalConExpo2013

  1. Metro: Accelerated Highway and Transit Projects

    The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Board of Directors recently initiated a program to explore the use of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP/P3) to accelerate delivery of highway and transit projects included in Measure R and which are not fully financed through traditional funding sources. This workshop panel of Metro Executives and Project Managers will present Accelerated Highway Projects and two important transit projects: the Sepulveda Pass Corridor and the Airport Metro Connector, and bidding opportunities available to the design and construction industry.

  2. Southern California Ports: Capital Improvements - Now and the Future

    The Port of Long Beach’s robust capital program offers ample opportunities for contractors and design professionals to be a part of the Port’s unique and varied projects. This presentation reviews the Port’s record CIP and the agency’s contracting processes, including the Small Business Enterprise Program.

  3. Metro: Regional Rail and Transit Projects

    Metro is implementing $30-$45 Billion Rail, Highway and Transit projects. An important component is Regional Rail, which will integrate intercity, commuter and high speed rail services. The two Measure R projects that are well underway are the Crenshaw LAX Transit Corridor and the Regional Connector projects. This workshop panel of experts will offer an update of Regional Rail and the two transit projects, and bidding opportunities available to the design and construction industry.

  4. Get Certified Today to Do Business Tomorrow: Certification, Contract Forecast and Opportunities

    Learn how California Small Business (SBE) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) firms can identify and compete for projects. Also learn first-hand about capacity building and how to make certification work for your company when conducting business with federal, state, and local public agencies. Make sure to be prepared for the opportunities ahead!

  5. High Speed Rail and Office of the Courts - Projects for the Future!

    California’s high-speed rail project will do more than reduce air pollution and traffic congestion – it will provide us a safe and easy way to travel. Additionally, the Office of the Court Construction and Management is overseeing an unprecedented courthouse building program of 39 projects. Both of these endeavors will create jobs and spark economic growth. They have included a Small Business participation goal of 30% which will include the Disadvantaged Business enterprise. If you are woman-owned or a minority, this is the workshop for you to find out the possibilities for HSR and the Courts!

  6. Destination California: Airport Projects Leading the Way

    Los Angeles World Airports and San Diego International Airport are currently renovating and modernizing existing terminals and facilities. Airport representatives will be on hand to share about the present and future projects at these airports.