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BARNA Annual Conference 2017

Topics included:
* Fentanyl use versus Alfine (Alfentanil/Morphine mixture) protocol to control post-operative pain in PACU
* Latest in Paediatric anaesthesia and post-operative care (one complete stream)
* Revalidation - the process, facts, questions and answers
* Anaesthesia in Diabetic Patient
The following are recordings of the sessions.

  1. Volunteering in developing countries

    Jane Nicholas-Holley

  2. Challenges Of Enhanced And Fast Track Recovery: Past, Present and Future.

    Dr. Theo Fotis

  3. Perioperative diabetes Audit. A discussion of physiology, an audit and some guidelines

    Ishwori Thakuri, Sandhya Lamichhane andImran Sharieff.

  4. LAST orders!

    Dr Harry Murgatroyd


    Lisa Brown

  6. Alfine protocol versus Fentanyl in PACU

    Dr Jennifer Van Ross