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2017 Summer Foodways Symposium

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a dynamic city where a Newer South comes into focus. Join SFA for a three-day Summer Symposium that explores this city of new arrivals. Through lectures, meals, tastings, and experiences, SFA will reframe prevailing ideas about ethnicity and identity.
You may know the Queen City as a place once powered by mills and now driven by finance. Led by a smart cadre of thinkers and cooks, SFA aims to equip you with new frames of reference. We see Charlotte as a global city. A chicken salad arepa city. A city where raja tamales, chorizo tortas, and carnitas tacos are bellwether foods. We think of this piedmont citadel as a Latinized place where Mexican and Central American and South American (and Asian and African) peoples craft new dishes and new Southern identities.

  1. Welcoming Remarks

  2. Everything But The Burden

    Piko Ewoodzie
    John Egerton Scholar

  3. Salad Bowl Suburbs - La Ensaladera Suburbana

    Tom Hanchett

  4. The Story Of Las Delicias - La Historia De Las Delicias

    Zhenia Martinez

  5. From Latin American To Latino - De Latinoamericano a Latino

    Eric Hoenes del Pinal

  6. Skyscrapers And Chicken Plants - Rascacielos Y Procesadoras De Pollo

    Julie Weise