Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice

The recent evolution in the law of evidence is a vital topic for those interested in our legal system, whether a decision- maker, advocate, litigator, academic, teacher, student and or law-maker. In the past 25 years, the Supreme Court of Canada has ushered in a set of revolutionary changes to the rules of evidence in several areas, including witness competence, privilege, hearsay and similar act evidence. It has developed a “principled approach” designed to return evidence law to fundamental first principles while conforming to the normative commitments of the Charter. The conference will address how facts are established through rules of evidence in criminal cases and how evidence law impacts the legal system in family law mediation, administrative hearings, civil cases, public inquiries and commissions through innovative, comparative and theoretical perspectives.

  1. CIAJ Justice Medal – The Rt Hon Beverley McLachlin

  2. CHR Student Essay Prize

    Beth Symes, LSM, CM, Symes Street & Millard LLP, Toronto, ON
    Christine Huglo Robertson, Executive Director Emeritus, Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, Montreal, QC
    Allan Yi-Lin Wu, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Victoria BC