Fly Nation Season 2

Official trailers & bonus footage from the upcoming Fly Nation Season 2 shows.

  1. Fly Nation Season 2 Trailer - Milton Lake Saskatchewan

    Brothers Yoshi & Naoto Aoki return to Milton Lake Lodge for their 4th season of guiding fly fishers to the biggest Northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling of their life. See the whole episode on Fly Nation Season 2 and check out for more information!

  2. Fly Nation Season 2 Trailer - Lake St. Joseph Gators

    A trailer for Fly Nation Season 2 - Episode 2 shot at The Old Post and Village on Lake St.Joseph in Northern Ontario, Canada.

    Aside from the magnificent scenery, wildlife and accommodations, fly fishing for giant northern pike, otherwise known as "gators" just doesn't get much better!

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  3. Fly Nation Season 2 Trailer - Cayo Cruz, Cuba

    Official trailer for Fly Nation TV Season 2 Cuba, premiering on WFN April 9th, 2013 at 9pm EST. See some of the best flats fly fishing in the entire World!

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  4. The Costa Rica Challenge - Official Trailer

    The Costa Rica Challenge - Official Trailer

    In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman launch on a salty journey that most said couldn't be done. One country, two oceans, three species, 430 kilometers all in just 36 Hours. Is it possible?

    Catch The Costa Rica Challenge this Fall on WFN, the International Fly Fishing Film Festival and DVD!

  5. Canada Day Gar

    Just a brief montage from the first day of gar season on the Bay of Quinte - Canada Day 2011! - with Rob O'Reilly. Awesome fun!