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NOII Symposium 2015

Passion and Purpose: Making it Real

  1. NOII 2015 - Authentic use of the Spiral

    Work with the Spiral of Inquiry is ongoing and at different stages in schools, classrooms and districts.

  2. NOII 2015 - Conversations

    Inquiry pushes staff and students to focus on where to next, permeating conversations of growth and learning.

  3. NOII 2015 - Curiosity

    Inquiry works because it accesses our curiosity - asking questions, addressing need, and evaluating success of action.

  4. NOII 2015 - Impact on Aboriginal Education

    Inquiry can lead to increased student voice in Aboriginal Enhancement agreements. Inquiry leads to students and staff confidence in integrating Aboriginal teaching and learning into their practice.

  5. NOII 2015 - Importance of Questioning in Learning

    Inquiry increases engagement; focuses on questioning; and makes for fun, collaborative, and rich learning.

  6. NOII 2015 - Inquiry as Adult Learners

    Educators use inquiry to build capacity as professional, focusing on their own learning journey.