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Capstone Showcase - Spring 2020

We would like to thank our industry project partners:
AMD • Coherent Logix • Dell • Emerson Automation Solutions • Harman, a Samsung Company • HP • Nokia • Steve Hicks School of Social Work • Texas Instruments

Entrepreneurial Winners: 1st - E5: Tappy Feet
Industry Winners: 1st - I16: Wireless Sleep Monitor • 2nd - I12: Wearable sensors to detect an adrenaline rush
Honors Winners: 1st - H08: Undergraduate Teaching Platform • 2nd - H14: Self Monitor for Reducing Stress Levels • 3rd - H02: Privacy Check

E04 - ReliaBox

The ReliaBox is a small insert for cardboard shipping boxes. When the package is delivered, the box sends an SMS notification to the recipient saying “the package has successfully been delivered”. The ReliaBox then enters “lockdown mode”. If at any point the package is removed from the immediate premises, the package will then actively report its location to the recipient. This allows the recipient to track the location of the stolen package, to wherever it may go.

Yash Bora, Kevin Hathaway, Zachary Herink, William Kraft, Clive Unger, Jack Weakley

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Suzanne Barber