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Capstone Showcase - Spring 2020

We would like to thank our industry project partners:
AMD • Coherent Logix • Dell • Emerson Automation Solutions • Harman, a Samsung Company • HP • Nokia • Steve Hicks School of Social Work • Texas Instruments

Entrepreneurial Winners: 1st - E5: Tappy Feet
Industry Winners: 1st - I16: Wireless Sleep Monitor • 2nd - I12: Wearable sensors to detect an adrenaline rush
Honors Winners: 1st - H08: Undergraduate Teaching Platform • 2nd - H14: Self Monitor for Reducing Stress Levels • 3rd - H02: Privacy Check

H15 - StableGen

The ability to create “smart” molecular systems enables important applications in contexts where traditional electronic microcontrollers cannot be used. StableGen is an online tool for computing stable configurations of Thermodynamic Binding Networks. This computer-aided design tool can predict and simulate molecular system behavior at thermodynamic equilibrium, which can be
used for research in medicine and synthetic biology. The ultimate goal for our tool is to enable researchers to design next-generation complex molecular systems ranging from logic gates to neural networks.

Benson Huang, Varun Prabhu, Hasan Saleemi, Anthony Vento, Steven Wang, Kyle Zhou

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. David Soloveichik