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This collection is a series of clips from our feature documentary in progress titled CONGO: A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? All material is original material shot in the DRC when I was Chief of the MONUSCO Video Unit from 2007-2012, and we have all rights from MONUSCO to use this material for this project.

We have interviews with UN decision makers including UNSG Ban Ki Moon, DPKO head USG Herve Ladsous, SRSG William Lacey Swing,SRSG Alan Doss, SRSG Martin Kobler, SRSG Leila Zerrougui, and others. Congolese filmmaker Horeb Bulambo, is the director and is covering current events on the ground in the DRC .

The first clip titled KIBUA DEMO is a demo for the project.

The other clips are organized in sequence and serve as a storyboard for the final film.


On June 30th, 2010, the 50th Anniversary of Congolese Independence, MONUC became MONUSCO, and there was a handover from SRSG Alan Doss to SRSG Roger Meece, former US Ambassador to the DRC. UN SG Ban Ki Moon came over for the ceremonies, and popular former SRSG William Lacy Swing was also in attendance. We decided to make this edition a farewell to SRSG Doss, with whom we had not had an easy relationship, but I like to think he eventually learned to trust us as professionals. Certainly, in this edition, Horeb did a heroic job of following Mr. Doss around the DRC with Producer Carlo Ontal shooting, and Mr. Doss finally gave us a more personal interview on the shores of Lake Kivu.

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