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This collection is a series of clips from our feature documentary in progress titled CONGO: A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? All material is original material shot in the DRC when I was Chief of the MONUSCO Video Unit from 2007-2012, and we have all rights from MONUSCO to use this material for this project.

We have interviews with UN decision makers including UNSG Ban Ki Moon, DPKO head USG Herve Ladsous, SRSG William Lacey Swing,SRSG Alan Doss, SRSG Martin Kobler, SRSG Leila Zerrougui, and others. Congolese filmmaker Horeb Bulambo, is the director and is covering current events on the ground in the DRC .

The first clip titled KIBUA DEMO is a demo for the project.

The other clips are organized in sequence and serve as a storyboard for the final film.


This episode features the second story from Province Orientale with Horeb Bulambo. Even by Congolese standards, Province Orientale is remote and inacessible, and when we first broadcast this series, we noticed that some Congolese were responding to this material as if they were watching National Geographic - and then we realized many had never seen any images from this region. Getting there was not easy, and special credit should be given to our Goma team of Field Producer Carlo Ontal and Editor Titus Nyukuri, who made the trip with Horeb and endured all the hardships together. We also got support from the administration in the form of a waiver of the UN 5 day rule, which meant any travel over 5 days required special written authorization. What with inclement weather and a lousy infrastructure, it was hard to predict how long any trip would take, so it was rather counterproductive of the bean counters to punish people for trying to do their jobs, but that is exactly what happened. I had many heated disputes with the bean counters just trying to get my guys paid!:)

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