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Immersive Virtual Tour Portrait Portal Villepreux-Power Scientist2020

My immersive aquarium sculpture was built to portray the work, life, and challenges marine biologist Jeanne Villepreux-Power faced while making her contributions to science. This Unsung (S)hero built the first aquarium to study mollusks and she created sustainable aquatic principles. Finding that the Paper Nautilus secretes liquid to heal its own shell when it breaks is attributed to her. She was forgotten for more than a century until 1997. That same year “Villepreux-Power” was named for a crater on Venus the Magellan Probe mission discovered. This 360° surround video tour was designed to experience stories and works surrounding you without wearing VR headsets. Dialogues are expressed via media styles spanning time from then to now. now”.
Nina Yankowitz 2020