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SecretScience_Villepruex-Power_VirtualTour2020Nina Yankowitz

I continue making sculpture and video installations about women Unsung (S)heroes in science that made important contributions but ‘ghosted’, excised, from records at the time of their discovery. I built an immersive steel framed aquarium sculpture to portray the French marine biologist Jeanne Villepreux-Power’s discoveries. She made the first aquarium to study Paper Nautilus mollusks and found they secrete liquid to heal its shell when it breaks. After stepping inside the aquarium, people encounter her work and stories projecting on the floor and four walls surrounding them in the 360° aquatic environment. The respondent dialogues were made with prevalent media styles culled from different time periods. She was rediscovered in 1997 and that same year the N.A.S.A. Magellan Probe named a crater on Venus after her. But as Covid-19 persists, because no one may enter the physical sculpture installation, I made an immersive 360° surround virtual tour video from my photos and projections to allow experiencing her stories all around you without using Virtual Reality headsets. Another is about the mathematician/physicist Emmy Noether (1882-1935) and hosts technology tools to allow interactive experiences. Noether founded abstract algebra and her theorem proved and explained Einstein’s theory of relativity. Her energy-momentum conservation work is now used to study black holes. Copy/Paste the documentary link into your browser to view some samples of included (S)heroes.