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I finally finished my immersive steel aquarium sculpture installation dedicated to under-recognized French marine biologist Jeanne Villepreux-Power who is now credited with creating the first aquarium for learning about fossils and developing sustainable aquaculture principles. She built the first aquarium for studying mollusks and discovered that Paper Nautilus mollusks secrete liquid to heal its shell when it breaks. After stepping into the 360° aquatic environment, people can experience her discoveries and challenges projecting on the floor and four walls around them. I culled prevalent media styles spanning different time periods 'from then to now'. She was forgotten for more than a century after her death in 1871 and in 1997 she was rediscovered and that year NASA’s Magellan probe named a crater on Venus after her. BUT due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no one may enter the actual immersive sculpture installation for a very long time. While in quarantine away from my New York City studio, I used photos and my interior video projections to create an immersive 360° surround video to experience being in the aquarium with her animated stories surrounding you without wearing Virtual Reality headsets. Tap the full screen symbol to view.