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Truth & Consequences_ Know Yourself To Act!-HD

"Truth & Consequences/Know Yourself To Act" is and Interactive Projection exhibited in Bradford England.
Prior project "Truth Or Consequences" Team Acknowledgements:
Nina Yankowitz, Barry Holden Rasmus Vuori and Martin Rieser
with thanks to Pia Tikka.
An Interactive Global Warming Game for people to learn about their own values so they can act to remedy the destructive consequences of erratic climate change conditions.
People use smart phones to scan QR codes to view animation narratives and respond to a menu of topical questions about climate change and the environmental dilemmas we face today. Selected Options are presented while tallies of voted upon options aggregate in real time for people to review at a website.
Options have been carefully chosen to reflect three major strands of opinion that help further analysis of the priorities most selected by audiences in Bradford England at Fuse ArtSpace and part of the Global Climate Change conference in Paris France.