Nina Yankowitz Solo & Team Productions

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My projects are excavations for levity, buried inside the serious, designed to stretch commonly accepted definitions. Using interactive technology and virtual video projections, I sometimes challenge convictions that the ground beneath our feet is stable. Global Warming/Bursting Seams displays the fickle nature of global warming and was exhibited at the Museum Quartier in Vienna, Austria2011-12. Using digital mapping to create a virtual window over a real window in the space, people can view outside to experience unpredictable weather changes associated with global warming conditions. This site-specific installation also displays beads of water slowly seeping thru the architectural moldings in the gallery. Another projection, ShatterHouse, is a 3d animated projection that also challenges assumptions about what-is-reality by creating bridges to travel between the-real and the-fictive solids that build memories. My Environmental portraits focus on exposing the current instability of gravitational trust as an exploding GlassHouse structure discards notions of reliability spinning like particles of bare bone dust-- leaving re-building matter on the slant of an uphill battleground.

This video was included in the Museum of Modern Art Pop Rally Video Projects in 2013.