PeaceWorx is a series of short films that explore the role of often small home grown actions that counter violence, isolation, indifference and hopelessness. Through these stories we hope to show the faceted nature of peace and the importance of continuously re-visioning peace.

Peacebuilders Haiti; PeaceWorx 1

The neighborhoods of Ti Bois, Cité Soleil, Zamla and Gran Ravine, have been at war with each other and the other neighboring “hoods” for decades. These wars are little understood by anyone but the one thing all agree on is that they are supported by the social and political élites with funds, drugs and arms.
Insecurity has been used to manipulate the poor and disenfranchised of Haiti’s impoverished communities from the nations inception. Almost ten tears ago now youth from Ti Bois and Cité Soleil decided to meet and eventually to spend the night. They have come to call this on-going exchange “Ghetto Tourism.” It has slowly given peace a foothold.