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  1. Gilles Lavigne DMD, PhD, FRCD

    Professor and Dean, Faculty of dental médecine, Université de Montréal Pain and Sleep Laboratory, Trauma axis, Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal.
    Role(s) of dentistry in sleep medicine: green, yellow or red lights!

    Dentists interested in sleep medicine need to understand basic science of sleep and its clinical relevance (green light). Diagnosis and management of sleep bruxism and related TMD pain is among the expertise of dental medicine expert (green light). In presence of breathing disorders, our role is limited to recognize the presence of risk factors (green light), diagnosis is a medical responsibility (red light) and management is planned in collaboration with sleep medicine experts (yellow light). Some children and teenagers may present risk factors (morphology and/ or behavioural) to develop sleep disordered breathing; the dentist should be able to make early detection and give advice to parents (green light). Dentist can also help orofacial pain/TMD
    patients with sleep complaints; in presence conducts of insomnia, yellow light is turned on and medical and/or psychological expertise is needed. Knowing our role(s) in sleep medicine is an art driven by science and guidelines.
    Key Learning Goals
    1. Recognize what is good sleep and causes of poor sleep.
    2. Make differential recognition of sleep complaints vs. sleep disorders.
    3. Plan referral or intervention(s) based on recognized standards of practices in dentistry
    (Canadian Sleep Society guidelines: Gauthier L, et al. Can Respir J. 2012; 19(5):307-92012).

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