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"To our AACP Canadian Chapter members and colleagues:
As we all pass through unique times with the COVID-19 news evolving and affecting our personal lives and our offices, we believe in making the best out of these challenges. We believe that on-line education can be very convenient during this period, reason for which we, as Canadian Chapter board, are happy to provide recordings of interesting previous courses to you at no charge.
Your AACP Canada Board

  1. TMD &'s all about Air!

    Dr. Mark Abramson is a TMJ dentist and a Sleep Apnea dentist.
    Dr. Abramson teaches extensively and his lectures have taken him internationally. He teaches courses in the fields of TMJ /TMD Cranial Facial Pain Management, and Dental Sleep Medicine and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. He has taught with the Fryman Cranial Osteopathic Tutorials and at the Osteopathic Medical School in Pamona, California for many years.

  2. Adult OSA diagnosis, management and treatment options

    Dr. John Remmers is a recognized physiologist, physician, pioneer and innovator in sleep medicine, having invented products ranging from portable diagnostic sleep monitors to auto-titrating CPAP devices and now MATRx. He is a world renowned expert in the field of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and has published over one hundred peer reviewed articles in the area of respiratory physiology.
    Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh is the Clinical Director for the Snore Centre in Calgary, Canada whose multidisciplinary team offers personalized diagnostic and treatment for snoring, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. He has a Bachelor of Medical Sciences and obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta. He achieved his Fellowship in Neuromuscular Dentistry from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

  3. Declan Clark

    Bohr your patients to health.
    Buteyko breathing makes real metabolic changes.

    Let us pose that as a point to establish. Is poor breathing a cause of pain? Is it involved? Does changing breathing, or improving it, play a part in pain management? This is a discussion and not a lecture.
    Those here have a range of specialist areas of knowledge, which bring us together in trying to improve the life of patients.

  4. Lois Laynee, RDH

    Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Assessment.
    Every dysfunction starts with an interruption or alteration within the cranial-nerve connections. Once cranial nerves are activated and integrated, sleep is restored, pain and anxiety can be reduced, movement is fluid and breathing is effortless!

    Lois Laynee will discuss how gentle movement patterns of development can activate and integrate cranial nerves with the organization of spinal nerves.

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