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Holy Bone

Holy Bone is a trans-media devised performance project created and produced by the Dead White Zombies. Holy Bone will develop organically and dialogically with the City of Dallas over the period of eight months, late November 2016 through May 2017.

The Holy Bone initiation performance will take place May 4 through 27. Reserve your tickets now.

Underwater Voices from the Holy Bone

The Holy Bone will begin at Tacos Mariachi, a popular eatery in West Dallas. There the audience will be given an address to begin their journey. To keep the experience intimate the total capacity for each performance will be limited to fifty-six people, with six people entering every ten minutes.

Audiences will go through a series of tests, teachings, dialogues, and experiences as they maneuver through several different venues. The immersive journey will begin with whispered questions and divination to determine an individual’s map to the reality that exists just outside of our perceptions. Each of the fourteen stages of the initiation will offer another inquiry, insight, and experience.

Life and death mortality, tension, and anxiety rattle and jangle until the sickness stone is pulled from our bodies at the Axis Mundi. The requirement of sincerity and authenticity is central, if not adhered to audiences will be relegated to remediation. Each stage of the initiation is another threshold. Reality will be shown to exist somewhere between the visible and invisible, fear and embrace, time and timelessness. Then you will enter, walk, and travel the labyrinth of life, meet the metaphysical alchemist, then pose for a photograph of remembrance. The last steps of the initiation hear and feel the ways of the world, objects, machines, worms, thoughts and the empty spaces that are so full. The journey ends with a body-mind alignment to steady and ready you for the world. Along the way, audiences will be guided and misguided by Holy Bone free-floating agents and operators on the streets. Are they performing or are they real? Does it matter?