Mindfulness Compassion Inclusivity Summit

January 15, 16, 17, 2019 8:00 - 4:45 Pacific Standard Time

There is growing awareness of the impact of stress in the workplace. There is also an exponential increase in scientific evidence showing the efficacy of mindfulness and compassion practices for effectively coping with, and growing from exposure to stress; as well as fostering high performance and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Mindfulness and compassion practices have the potential to:
Reduce: suicides, injuries and fatalities, divorce, workplace errors
Promote: work-life balance, and strong families
Foster: resilience and post-traumatic growth in the wake of tragedy, diversity and inclusion, working toward eliminating bullying and sexual misconduct in the workplace

Day 1 - The Science of Mindfulness and Compassion
Day 2 - A Day of Mindfulness and Compassion Practice Workshop
Day 3 - Individual and Collective Transformation