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Stand Firm In Me & Defend My Honor

Stand Firm In Me & Defend My Honor
July 10, 2017

Dear Jesus, please strengthen us with infusions of Faith that we might fight this battle to the end, and bring forth the sweet fruit of abiding in the vine. Amen.

Jesus began, "Stand firm in Me. Many of you are beginning to see forward movement and breakthroughs in your life. Now you must hold fast to them and stand firm. As always, any movement I make in your lives is countered by the enemy. I give; he tries to take. What can cause you to lose the ground you have been given by steady work and perseverance?

"Unbelief, laziness, judgment and pride. By the way, Pride always proceeds Judgement. When you look upon others and find fault with them, you open the door for opposition in varying degrees. If you are highly critical and without charity, you will encounter rough winds dead ahead. If you are slightly critical and catch it, repenting immediately, you will immediately close the door. In any case, it is a sense of superiority that even suggests you should find fault with another soul. You have no idea the obstacles they must overcome every day. Only I know that. To think that you are qualified to judge is the fatal poison of Pride.

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Dear Family,
We now have a blog just for you to post your experiences and read about others who are coming into intimate relationship with Jesus. We'd love to hear about Him touching you at prayer time, or visions you have had with Him, going to Heaven, etc.
Love you all so very dearly…you are such a consolation to Ezekiel and I.


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