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Our own business promotion.


    An upbeat demonstration of business video power!


    This, our headline video, features scenes from a variety of programmes ranging from relatively low cost promotional videos for the Web and DVD, such as the conference video produced for Boots, to high end corporate programmes such as, "What's in a Shoe", the story of kids shoe design and manufacture produced for Clark's International and featuring locations in the UK, China and Vietnam. Different budgets, different styles and story lines, but we believe all of them demonstrate our ability to really understand an audience and develop programmes that inform, excite and entertain.


    This programme, produced for Clarks International, was designed as part of the induction process for retail store staff. Like many global companies, Clarks designs and manufactures its shoes in many different countries often making it difficult for key contributors to see themselves as part of a team. More than a Shoe highlights the key contributions made by designers, engineers and skilled technicians, thousands of miles apart but working together to ensure total quality which is at the very heart of the Clarks' brand.

  4. DRAMA

    If you really want to move an audience, drama is the way to do it. This clip opens with a short and powerful programme made for the Stroke Association and considered a potential life saver for those who suffer a stroke. Fire in the Office, produced for Longman Training, is a highly effective piece which places actors in scenes built on a series of complicated and terrifying Special FX. Next, a drama written and directed by Ron Tanner and produced by Oriel Communications for the HSE. Charting the final weeks of a building contractors's life, this programme is a stark reminder of the horrors of Asbestos. Finally, a scene from The Trouble With Marvin. Produced for Rolls Royce Image Resource, this programme takes an amusing look at the business of Supply Chain Management.


    Video has always been considered the most powerful of marketing tools. Not surprising then that it is the fastest growing feature of the internet. This clip opens with a short programme produced for Rolls Royce Image Resource featuring the aircraft engine portfolio of Rolls Royce Defence Europe. It is a compelling example of how simple graphics and the right choice of music can transform news and archive footage. The final programme, shot and edited in just a couple of days, was produced to be shown just once at a conference for Boots pharmacy staff, It makes a positive and realistic case for a programme of branch transformation.


    This clip features two programmes. "What's in a Shoe", Produced for Clarks International, charts the production of a kids shoe. Starting with design and pattern making in Somerset, moving on to prototyping in China then manufacturing in Vietnam before the finished products are shipped back to Somerset for distribution. The second programme is one of several produced for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Type 1 Diabetes is a life threatening condition that has a massive impact on both the victims and their families. JDRF continues to raise money for medical research in the belief that a cure will soon be found and put an end to considerable pain and suffering.