Welcome to my full portfolio website. I am Rick Neely, a Digital Media Artist with over 18 years experience. I often work in Premiere Pro, AVID & Final Cut Studio, among other programs- though some of my older samples show that I learned the trade back in the Axial and Grass Valley Linear edit suites era. I also enjoy the opportunity to utilize 3rd party animation programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Apple Motion, and Livetype. I consider myself an Editor who animates versus the current wave of Artists who are animators who may also edit. My work tells a story- even when it might just be a sizzle reel. Within the music, the video, and the effects there is always a narrative I keep in mind while creating something.

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2008 Gamestop Annual Convention CANDIDS Reel (Las Vegas, NV)

One of my more adrenaline-based sizzle videos. This was done remotely at the 2008 Gamestop Annual Convention in Vegas. It was shot in Sony HDV, edited in Final Cut, along with 3D After effects custom comps, and some other photoshop produced elements. It was a HUGE success and edited in record time. I carry my own Macpros fully loaded with the software to produce these videos on location wherever needed.



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