Kuoni 'Travel out of the ordinairy'

Animation / Live action
Luke Losey
Production company:
Bare films

All post work done at Big Buoy, we shot two days of live action in the studio and then worked with high resolution stills from locations pertinent to client destinations, taken all around the world the world. The techniques used are a hybrid of live action, camera mapping and animation working our stills in a mixture of live action and 2D backgrounds to create a surrealistic journey for our swimmer, shooting was complex involving our actor being choreographed to fractions of seconds and performing at high speed to keep timings with our final frame-rate (of 50 FPS) and hit marks. Harness and an aerial wire rig where used to simulate a weightless underwater feel and then derrigged in post (no mean set disappearing a harness from under a bikini). We had a full compliment of people on set including stuntmen, choreographers, aerialists as well as all the usual suspects and much green screen.