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U.S. v. K.R.

Mitigation Video for federal sentencing. The defendant and her then husband were charged with multiple counts of fraud involving a real estate scheme. We needed to tell the true story about how this client became involved in this. She had, apart from this crime, led a simple, elegant life as a classically trained cellist and elementary school music teacher.
She would never have gotten involved in this had she not fallen "head over heels" for a man who turned out to be an abusive master con artist who stole her inheritance and pushed her into the scheme. Here, the recommended guideline sentence was 30-37 months. Both the government and probation were recommending a 25 month prison sentence. Ultimately, the judge sentenced the defendant to 12 months and one day (an actual 10 month sentence). The con man co-defendant received four years. We later found out from the judge that the video had a significant impact on her decision to give a significantly reduced sentence to someone who, at least "on paper" appeared equally, if not more culpable than the co-defendant.



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