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Be Crash Free

Here is the complete collection of Monthly Riding Tips created by Be Crash Free (and a few extras thrown in for good measure.) I hope you find them useful. Ride well, and Be Crash Free. ~Ax

BCF Monthly Tip 33_Last Video

Hey folks, as the title suggests, this is our last monthly riding tip video. Be Crash Free is starting a new program we are calling "New Driver" to support parents as they help guide their teens through the learn-to-drive process. Because of this, we needed to make some hard decisions. One of those decisions was to discontinue the monthly riding tip. I know I'll miss doing it. :(

In the video, I mention 3 other sources of riding tips that we recommend (if you don't already follow these, check them out!). The are:

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation


Street Skills Moto

Please enjoy these videos - the folks here made good stuff!

It's been a great couple of years making these videos and I've really enjoyed it.

Ride well everyone - and Be Crash Free!