Retinoblastoma: 1 Retinoblastoma World Map, Meeting, and Need for TNMH Staging - Dr. Brenda Gallie

Dr. Brenda Gallie lectures on retinoblastoma staging, eCancer Care Retinoblastoma EMR Software as well as the pressing need to make retinoblastoma care centers available to more of the world at The Beijing Retinoblastoma Educational Symposium. Organized by Drs. Zhao and Gallie, The purpose of the meeting were to provide instruction to a large group of eye cancer specialists in China. Specialists from all over the world attended, spoke, and shared their expertise. The meeting was funded by the Paul Finger Fund for International Retinoblastoma Outreach at Princess Margaret Comprehensive Cancer Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and The Eye Cancer Foundation ( Clearly, our treatment decisions have many effects on the child with retinoblastoma and their family.

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