…a Samurai’s Spirit with a bold and courageous heart, the signposts of his fearless life.

A graduate of NYU Film School where he studied with Martin Scorsese, Bret Primack has been at the forefront of new media since he co-founded Jazz Central Station, the first Jazz website, in 1994. When YouTube debuted in 2006, he began posting video as the Jazz Video Guy. Now, his nearly fifteen hundred video postings have thirty million views and Bret hosts YouTube's premiere Jazz channel.

Bret Primack worked in documentaries and industrials before a near three decade career as a respected music journalist. He has written hundreds of articles and interviews that have been published globally by JazzTimes, DownBeat, The New York Times, People and Swing Journal.

In the past ten years, Bret has transferred his storytelling mastery to the web and he has produced hundreds of videos that focus on a variety of topics, including Jazz musicians and music industry related businesses, restaurants, educational programs, health care companies and technology specialists.

Living in Tucson, Arizona, ground zero for immigration and border issues because of its proximity to Mexico, Bret Primack now produces social justice documentaries.

He’s done films with Human Borders, a group of concerned people who put water in the desert for migrants so they won’t die of dehydration; and, Clinica Amistad, a team of volunteer physicians and nursing professionals who offer free health care to undocumented people. At Pima Community College, with students in his documentary film class, Bret produced a film about DACA students.

After the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, in October, 2018, Bret began production on a new documentary, They Will Not Replace Us, about the effect of anti-Semitism on immigration during World War II.


Clinica Amistad